Learn Spanish via Skype

Learn Spanish via Skype

The lessons are exclusively private and are taught by our highly qualified Spanish teachers. The number of hours can be chosen freely, the smallest unit is 45 min. We recommend to book the language course with 60 min. per unit and if possible 1 x per week, but all other intervals are also possible.

In some federal states the lessons can be recognized as educational leave .

Read some feedback from our students about the online courses here.

To get to know us, we offer you a try lesson of 30 min. at a price of 10,00 € an, you can arrange this quite uncomplicated, for example tel. via our Hamburg office.

If you like the lessons, you purchase a credit voucher from us. You can “work off” this according to your time possibilities, you simply give us your appointment ideas and we coordinate these with you. So it is not necessary to keep a fixed rhythm or to plan long in advance, theoretically the next lesson can be fixed from time to time. However, it is much more convenient to set a day of the week and a time, if it does not fit, the lesson can be postponed until 20h of the previous day.


Price for 1 personPrice for 2 persons
1 lesson 34 €1 lesson 41 €
5 lessons 153 €5 lessons 183 €
10 lessons 270 €10 lessons 322 €

If you book the lessons in a 2- er group, the price increases by 20%. This would also be possible as a video conference.

As a technical requirement you need:

  • Computer with internet connection
  • Web – camera (not mandatory)
  • Microphone

If you have any questions about this program, please feel free to contact our office in Hamburg: tel. 0049 (0)40 477587, spanisch@atlantika.net


Why learn Spanish online?

This question is easily answered at the moment: face-to-face courses are not possible due to the Corona crisis. But regardless, we can warmly recommend the Skype course.  See heresome feedback.

On screen you will meet with a very qualified teacher. All teachers* are native speakers, have a university degree and a lot of experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. In addition, they have been practicing teaching through this platform for a long time. Those who are not familiar with this form of learning are usually skeptical at first. But our own experience and our many feedbacks confirm again and again, the online language course is dynamic, flexible, very effective and the best, it is also really fun!

With this form of teaching, your oral language skills are primarily promoted.

The Skype course offers almost the same learning situation as in a face-to-face class. The computer screen serves as a virtual blackboard, the chat window as a text corrector, and a variety of work tools and our repertoire of activities help to make your lessons particularly interactive and interesting.

This course is generally taught in private. It can also be taught by video conference, so that, for example, 2 people can participate at the same time and from different locations. This option is particularly inexpensive.

All you need to learn Spanish is a working wifi, a modern computer and the free account on Skype!

What do we offer?

All levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. We also offer courses for students who have no previous knowledge of the language.

Curriculum and type of classes: conversation classes or focus on grammar, preparation for the DELE exam, Spanish for specific learning objectives (e.g. business Spanish, Spanish for tourism or for a job interview, classes for children, etc).

You can book all the courses via Skype that we offer in face-to-face classes at our school in Conil de la Frontera. Listening comprehension, oral and written communication, reading comprehension, grammar and idioms, vocabulary and pronunciation.