Experiences of our students

Claasroom teaching:

Dear Adelheid,…   We are looking forward to the weeks when we can finally come back to Conil. It is unbelievable how much we miss you and Conil with all the trimmings. We miss you. I wonder if you are all healthy? We sincerely hope so. Many warm greetings to the entire Academia team. We look forward to seeing you again, whenever, Maria and Ole… Maria Christensen, Teacher VHS Diepholz

…Carolin enjoyed it very, very much and immediately made friends at school and with a Spanish group. She did a lot of things and was also warmly welcomed by her host family, with whom she felt very comfortable. Carmen must be a wonderful woman. She was also delighted with the teachers, the intern and Andreas. It was a wonderful stay for her, and certainly not the last time… Carolin M., 17, Frankfurt.

Dear Ms Schindicht,
“I really enjoyed my stay and language course at Academia Atlantika!
Accommodation and lessons were super and I had a very good time. I’m still reminiscing about it…”
Susanne L. 55 years, architect, Hamburg

Hello dear Academia Atlántika,

…. I wanted to thank you and the Academia again, everything worked out great. Great flat, very good teachers (Carlos and Pruden, since Maria is unfortunately ill; get well soon) and super good lessons. I got inspired for my Persian lessons next week….
Angela P., Lecturer in Persian, LMU-Munich

Hello Ms Schindicht,

I have just finished my private lessons with Carlos Zapato and I must say that he is a top teacher. He took away any fear of speaking Spanish for me and my daughter. We had a lot of fun and learned a lot. Great teacher!
Happy to do it again anytime – please pass this on 😊
Daniel Ceccarelli , 44 years, Hofheim, Portfolio Manager.

Dear Ms Schindicht,

First of all a big thank you for the wonderful time in Conil; the flat ( I had the upper one ) in the Calle “Torre del Tejo” was just the right one for me and the three weeks of lessons were top !
They were so good that I decided to take Skyen and had my first session with the teacher Paqui yesterday, as agreed last week!
Barbara Rose, Bremen , chemical-technical assistant,

Dear Mrs Goldbaum, Dear Mrs Schindicht

Now that Victoria has painstakingly tried to settle back into the Cologne grey (…!!!) for a week, we wanted to thank you very much for the good time she was able to spend in Conil and at Academia Atlantika: Losing her fear of the language, doing lots of activities with nice people, dancing a lot and enjoying Spanish life, great lessons and very attentive support from the Academia staff on site…. As you had already foreseen, everything went very well and she really enjoyed it at the end of the day.
Many thanks to you and your team!
Victoria B, 18 years

Hello dear Atlantica Team,
… The beginning in your school was the ideal start for our tour of Andalusia. We had the lessons with Raquel Aguilar Olmedo. She managed to pick us up from where we were, shared her joy of the language with us and showed great methodical skills. So we are pleased to say that, looking back, we can highly recommend your school and Raquel as a teacher…”
Heidi & Hermann Kölbener, Winterthur

… unfortunately the educational holiday is already over. The Spanish lessons in Conil were great fun, the learning methods were taught very cratively. The teachers taught the language with a lot of dedication, competence and humour. High praise for them. The tapas tour was particularly great, a culinary delight and a good opportunity to get to know my fellow students. I will definitely take another language course there!!!!
Best regards, Susanne Wilters C.L. Social Pedagogue.

… I would like to thank you for the good “support” by e-mail!
The two weeks in Conil were a great experience for me and I will certainly
plan another stay there in 2020!
Many thanks – and best regards from Swabia
Stefanie Striffling, Göppingen, Assistant Manager Toolmaking

… everything worked out wonderfully in Spain, Hanna is overjoyed about school and the many new friends all over the world. She already misses Conil and definitely wants to come back.
Martina Wittels (mother of Hannah 16 years) 5201 Seekirchen

The educational holiday was a lot of fun. It was a great experience and everyone at the school- Andreas, Amber, the teachers are very nice and helpful. I will definitely take another course there soon. Best regards,
Beate Fischer , 51 yh, Griessheim

Hello Adelheid,
My language holiday in your Academia in Conil from 14 – 28 April was a complete success!
You have great teachers and the accommodation was super!
Katja S., Norderstedt, wholesale and export merchant

Our two-week Spanish course in Conil is now just 3 days over, but it is as clear as day that we would like to come back next year and continue. Once again, it was SPITZE !…
Andrea Kieser, 49 years, Handeloh, Youth Hostel Association, Sustainability Department

… It was fantastic, everything worked out great, from the taxi pick-up at the airport to the last detail. I am still blown away by the absolute warmth and friendliness of your brother and the teachers. I moved from Atalaya to the Centrum last week and this flat was incredible. With such a great sea view, quiet and yet right in the middle of it all. Dreamlike. Everything was just great and I can absolutely recommend it to others, which I will definitely do…  Sabine Schüler, Freising

… It was simply great! The place Conil and its location, Andreas and the teachers are very committed, the accommodation+the roof terrace in the school and the school itself, the lessons in small groups, the activities offered, and last but not least, Tina the current trainee, who always had an open ear for all the students, and not only organised the activities, but also took part and took photos. The fact that the weather was fantastic was the crowning glory of my stay.
I would definitely like to come back next year, even if I only have 5 days of educational leave. If the lunch breaks were at least 15 minutes longer, it would be perfect.

Hello Andreas,

I would like to give you a short feedback about my stay last year in your language school in Conil. In August, I was at the language school for the 6th time. The first time, I came because it was recommended to me by Spanish people from the Conil area.
And I have always been happy to come back. The placement test always assigned me to good groups – according to my learning level. You can take lessons for one or two weeks (more, of course). This means that group members can change after a week. Some found it awkward, but I liked it because it loosens up the lessons and you have new learning partners. I also liked that there were different age groups and nationalities (Austrian, English, Swiss) in one class.
I have had 6 or 7 different teachers over the years.
Each time I had good teachers: the lessons were fun and I always learned a lot about grammar and language and about culture and people. The town of Conil also offers plenty of sun and beaches, and invites you to go on excursions to beautiful towns in Andalusia (Seville and Cadiz) or to the white villages or, a little further away, the mountains. All in all, I am very happy to recommend Academia Atlantika in Conil to others, and would come back at any time if I wanted to improve my Spanish skills….
Axel G. 43 yrs, Stuttgart

…Furthermore, I have long wanted to write that it was gaaaaaanng great!!! From the support until the educational leave was accepted by our employer to the taxi organisation and networking of the course participants… The place and its location are wonderful. The accommodation was great. The school and the teachers were suuuuuuper! So the 8 hours “enforced” by the state of Meck-Pom were amazingly entertaining!!! The colourful composition of the course participants was also amazing. A whole bunch of exciting biographies came together, which made interesting exchanges possible – whether in Spanish or German.
Many thanks to all and hope to see you again
Your Antje Prolingheuer & Karl-Heinz Finnern, Göttingen

… I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Andreas and the whole “Academia Atlantika team” once again for the great week!!!
I have seldom had so much fun learning and everything was really well organised and I felt very comfortable!
Also, a big thank you to my two teachers Paqui and Carlos! It was really a lot of fun, the lessons were very entertaining and I could
and I was able to learn a lot of new things and take them with me!
Muchas gracias!
I will be very happy to come back!!! Many love greetings and hastá la proxima vez… :-))

Sabine Sehn, Flörsheim, employee at Lufthansa, 46 years.

…I wanted to report back after two eventful weeks in Conil. Maria was a great teacher and there was nothing to complain about in the accommodation….
Nadine 22 years….

I am completely enthusiastic about your concept and felt completely at ease both in the school and especially in the host family. I was very sad when I had to fly home again after the two weeks. Thank you also for your excellent organisation!
Caroline, “Diplom-Kauffrau (FH)” 39 years, Bonn

..We wanted to thank you again for everything. It was very nice in Conil again. And the return journey went well. We will definitely come back again….
Tobi and Felix, 17 years

… . i liked it very much, everything!!! profesores, ambiente, classes, todo bien.
I can only recommend the school…
Silvia Ployer, from Switzerland, 70 years

Hello Mrs Schindicht,
…. It really couldn’t have been better for me. My flat was dreamy and I received a warm welcome straight away. I got on well with Andreas and the teachers were all super nice too.
I had the most to do with Pruden, a really super nice and warm woman. I had my language course with her, which also refreshed my grammar a bit. There was another repetition of the subjunctive and I got back into speaking well. It also brought me into contact with lots of interesting people. Of course, there weren’t that many students at the language school at the beginning of March, as you had already told me, but everything was quiet and comfortable and I was able to study for my exam in April. I was particularly taken with the roof terrace…
Lena Balke, 23, 44892 Bochum

… “I came back from Conil about a week ago and it was super nice again! My brother also liked it very much, he will probably come to Conil again one day!”….
Angelika, 42 years

… “We’ve really enjoyed our time at Akademia Atlantika in Conil. Our teacher, Angeles, is very easy to get on with, doesn’t allow us to speak anything except Spanish, and really pushes us to develop our language skills further. The rest of the staff are always very friendly and supportive, helping us out with any problems that we encounter living in Conil, and the social programme that they organize is a great way to relax in a Spanish-speaking environment. We’d recommend studying here to anyone”… Elly.

… “For me as a kitesurfer, the area around Conil is an absolute dream… However, the most important thing about a language study trip is the language school. In my opinion, Academia Atlántika stands out above all for its professionalism … I have rarely experienced such a warm and open welcome in a foreign place. The language teachers are all authentic Spaniards who warmly and competently teach Spanish in a playful way. In my opinion, the emphasis of the language courses is on communication with each other rather than theoretical cramming.”…
Adrian Tippenhauer, 25 years, Hamburg

… “that Valerie’s language holidays in Conil were a complete success. She felt at home with her host parents, who were very nice and eager to help, her host mother cooked very well and both of them sought contact with the girls. Everyone at the institute was also very nice and committed. Valerie has the impression that she learned a lot. She enjoyed the course so much that she looked forward to it in the morning – what more could you want, and during the holidays…???? The excursions were also great. So, Valerie wants to come again, her sister is already planning”….
Anette Baumeister-Duru, Adnan Duru 15 years and Valerie 15 years, Hamburg.

… “Conil tiene el don de agradar.
Desde hace muchos años paso mis vacaciones de verano en la Academia Atlántika en Conil. ¿Por quéme atraen tanto la Academia Atlántika y el pueblo? Hay muchas razones. Los profesores son especialistas y disponen de todas las herramientas para hacer las clases interesantes, vivas y muy comunicativas. Los grupos de alumnos son pequeños aun en las temporadas altas. Me atrae la atmósfera cordial en la academia y además el alojamiento que ofrecen. Después de la clase puedes disfrutar de la maravillosa playa de Conil o participar en una de las actividades que
organiza la academia para sus alumnos. Cada año conozco en la academia a gente que ha llegado no por primera vez. A veces volvemos a vernos en Conil sin haberlo acordado. Conil – un lugar que atrae a muchos”…
Heike Kuban, DaF-/DaZ-Dozentin, Diplom-Slawistin

… I am now back from my 2-week language study trip to Conil and I am really very enthusiastic. It was a great experience that I will definitely repeat 🙂

Dear Andreas,
…. I wanted to tell you now that we will be back next April with 25 people….
Just take the compliment that the students all want to come to your language school and your great teachers and great hospitality….

Hi Andreas,
I have to write this to you, maybe you can publish the text somewhere:
For almost 20 years, the Bremen Adult Education Centre has been offering educational holiday events at the Academia Atlántika in Conil with great success. Initially, there was one group per year that went to Andalusia for a fortnight at a time, but the offer was soon doubled to two groups per year because of the enormous demand.

Three factors are decisive for this success. First and foremost is the quality of the school. It pays off that all teachers have academic and pedagogical qualifications, and that they are personally selected, guided and regularly observed in their teaching by the director of studies, Angeles Vazquez. This is a guarantee that the teaching is always of a consistently high standard.

Secondly, the well-being of the participants depends greatly on the successful cooperation between the Bremen Adult Education Centre as organiser and the Academia Atlántika. Especially with regard to accommodation, individual wishes and preferences are always catered for in the best possible way. Whether the flat should be in the school or close to the beach, whether women like to be among themselves or a mixture of genders is desired, and especially the question of who with whom – everything can be clarified in advance. Likewise, the composition of the learning groups depends not only on the official language level, but also on individual strengths and weaknesses as well as preferences, and this can be arranged in consultation and readjusted if necessary.

Thirdly: the place is simply super! Despite tourist development over the years, the beautiful old town centre – el casco antiguo – has remained intact. The beach and the bright blue sea are simply unsurpassed! And if you want to do more, you have a free choice. Sporting activities such as surfing in all its varieties, beach volleyball, bike rides, hikes in the nearby nature park, even horseback riding on the beach – everything is either offered in the leisure programme or can be organised without much trouble. And there are so many culturally and historically interesting places to visit in the surrounding area – just fifteen kilometres away is the white village, Vejer, also close by is Cadiz, perhaps the oldest city in Europe, within easy reach for a weekend trip is the beautiful city of Seville, further down the southernmost tip of the Atlantic coast is Tarifa, from where whale-watching excursions are offered.

All in all, far too much for just two weeks! Perhaps this explains why so many of the participants immediately put their names on the reserve list for next year: once you’ve been to Conil, you’ll always come back! And more and more learners are bridging the gap until the next educational holiday by either attending a course at the Bremen Adult Education Centre or taking advantage of the Skype lessons offered by Academia Atlántika – or both!

(Patrick Scanlon, lecturer at the Bremen Adult Education Centre)

Online courses:

…. “the educational leave vía Skype lessons were really fun and Maria did an excellent job”… Franziska, nurse, Lübeck.

… “Perfect educational holiday for maximum learning success”… Michael , Hannover

… “The course is really super effective, interesting, warm… – simply great!”… Angelika

… “Nice of you to ask for an evaluation (see attachment). I am thrilled about the Skype lessons with Ángeles, who makes our weekly lesson very varied and funny. And can laugh about my many mistakes just as much as I can”…. Elke, administrative officer, Eberswalde, Brandenburg

… “We are absolutely satisfied with Juana. Top! We don’t really miss anything”… Martin Lehmann, Frankfurt am Main.

… “many, many thanks for my terrific teacher Raquel! I have already taken so many Spanish courses and never have I been so satisfied and progressed so quickly! Thank you, thank you a great educational holiday and I really hope to see Raquel live next year in Conil. It doesn’t get any better than this!” … Claudia

… “Great to be able to keep in touch with Spanish, Conil and Academia in this way!” … Marsilia Podlech, Berlin

… “In my opinion you don’t have to improve anything – I think you are great!
As long as my finances allow it, I’ll stay on the ball via Skype – hang in there!”…. Katja, Berlin , qualified social pedagogue in the youth welfare office.

… “The lessons with Paqui are always a benefit. The appointments go smoothly and she makes a lot of effort to fulfil all wishes and to respond to my language level. I always have a lot, lot of fun in class. …” Annalena Prix, Hesse

… “My lessons on Monday with Maria are a real highlight of the week.
Best regards to Hamburg”… Carl Graeb, Munich.

… “The lessons were very useful. Both in terms of language and content, Pruden helped and advanced us and prepared us very well for the oral and written Abitur exams. “… Jennifer Brotzmann & Julia Almeida.

… “Attached we send back the questionnaire we filled out. In summary: We are completely satisfied”… Michael and Katrin, Rötgesbüttel.

… “keep it up !”…Edgar

… “The lessons with Carlos Zapata were very instructive. Carlos is a super teacher with a lot of patience. We communicated via Skype and it all worked very well”…. Sigrid Kalusche

… “I still enjoy the lessons with Patricia very much and my understanding of the language has improved considerably”… Bernd, Hanover

…. “Paqui is and remains my “profesora favorita” and we are both very satisfied with my progress!” …. B. Rose, 59 years, chem. tech. Assistant

… “The lessons with Carlos are really a lot of fun. Carlos is quite funny and can explain everything very well. We get on very well and he even manages not to make me despair of the “fucking subjuntivo”.”… Heike Elfroth, optician, 62 years

… “My granddaughter Hannah and I enjoyed the Skype language course with Patricia”… Rüdiger

… “The decision to book a Spanish course via Skype was a very good one. Due to the high flexibility, I can pursue my passion for languages despite my busy everyday life as a student. In just under 1.5 months, I have already noticed a striking improvement in vocabulary and language confidence”…Jan Bussmann, Stuttgart

…. “I am glad that I decided to take the educational holiday via Skype, as I found the lessons and also the homework very effective. I learned a lot. Marìa is a great teacher and although I was quite nervous at the first lesson, I really had a lot of fun at the end. I will definitely stay on the ball and hope that my husband and I can be in Conil again next year and that we can then complete 2 weeks of BU in July 2021. Kind regards and thank you for the uncomplicated handling, the quick sending of the confirmation before and after the course. Keep up the good work” … Lysann Weber.

… “Skype is unbeatable and super effective: lessons exactly at my level, with topics that interest me, funny and personal, individual speech and grammar training with native speakers only with me and according to my schedule. No adult education course offers that”… Saludos, Angelika Hoffman.

… “It’s really super fun and Pruden knows exactly where I need to learn more and gives me nice exercises for it. In class we then clarify the remaining questions and start a new topic each time when everything else has been clarified. Perfect!” … Dorothea Wahlen, Starnberg

… “Thank you very much that the lessons are possible via Skype! I was sceptical at first whether a full hour might not be too much at the end after a long day at work, because you have to concentrate the whole time. I also thought that even more videoconferencing wouldn’t be that great (I currently work from home and already have constant meetings via videocall at work, which is often quite exhausting). But it turns out that neither is a problem at all, it’s so much fun! I will definitely like to continue”…. Imke

…. “The educational holiday via Skype with Maria was great and very effective”… L. Werner, Rötgesbüttel

… “I still enjoy the lessons with Patricia and my understanding of the language has improved considerably”…Bernd

…” I am super satisfied with the Skype lessons. I really like the flexibility that comes with the one-to-one lessons, as the strengths and weaknesses of the student can be catered for very well and the learning speed can be adjusted individually”… Christina Stockhofe.

… “I have already enjoyed two Skype lessons with Pruden. It’s totally fun and I’m already looking forward to the rest of the lessons”… Doro.

… “The lessons integrate well into my everyday life, are fun and very effective.” … Astrid, primary school teacher.

… “Please find attached my completed questionnaire. The lessons are absolutely great! Many greetings,” … Rüdiger.

… “I am glad that there is this possibility of felxible learning and very satisfied with the lessons at Paqui.” Barbara

…” My daughter had her trial lesson last Friday and her first 60 min lesson today. She is very enthusiastic about her teacher”… Magdalena.

… “I’m still thrilled and want to buy the next 10er voucher right away .”…. Gaby

…. ” In advance I can state that the communication is wonderful. Paqui continues to be an excellent teacher, very accessible and flexible when making appointments.”… Claudia, teacher in Upper Bavaria

… “Desde hace más de 6 años tomo clases con la Academia Atlántika vía Skype, y es una muy buena experiencia. Si mi profesora no tiene tiempo, siempre hay otra persona quien puede sustituarla. (…) Conozco a muchos profesores de la Academia Atlántika.
María, Pruden, Ángeles, Juana, Carlos, Paqui y otras son muy buenos profesoras o profesores.   Muchos saludos. Bernd W. Bremen

… “I really enjoy it with Juana. I think it’s great that you can also postpone the appointment in the morning. Juana answers very quickly. Juana sends me quizzes. Videos. Articles. Or we work with my Mafalda book. There have also been grammar exercises. Or we talk about the current situation. So it’s very varied. She also writes new words in the chat. I really don’t know what could be improved.
That’s why I like to be with Juana, I love her humour and her good mood, and if I can’t make it, I can go to a substitute. But if that’s 2-3 times, then I can also take a break”….
Martina Rieger


Group travel:

“Dear Andreas, I would like to tell you once again how much we enjoyed our stay with you. The students were really enthusiastic and enjoyed their time in Conil very much. They also have the feeling that they have improved their Spanish significantly. The surfing was THE hit anyway!!! Personally, I would like to thank YOU in particular for the very individual, almost caring support, the perfect organisation and your relaxed manner. You made it very easy for me to manage this language week. Please also pass on my thanks to your dedicated team of teachers, the students are still full of praise for the lessons…”
Ulrike Zinnecker, Spanish Teacher, Accompanying Sports High School Maria Enzersdorf, Vienna.

… “CONIL was again super, super. Everything worked out perfectly, Andreas even bribed the weather god so that we had dream weather for 2 weeks. And it is still simply crazy how Andreas stands like a rock in the surf during all smaller or bigger failures, bad luck and breakdowns, ALWAYS approachable, ALWAYS friendly, ALWAYS sovereign, ALWAYS knows a solution”…
Christel Engelskirchen, Spanish teacher and accompanist, Hildegard von Bingen Gymnasium, Cologne

… “we landed back in Hamburg tired, happy and satisfied. It was a wonderful trip. All the pupils and also us supervisors thought it was great. The trip is really something special! Say hello again to everyone in Conil and tell the teachers again that everyone enjoyed it very much. It was certainly not always easy for the teachers to work with 13-14 year old pupils. But they coped great”…                                                                          Brigitte Hermann, Spanish teacher and accompanist Eliteschule des Sports, Alter Teichweg , Hamburg

Thank you for three successful, stress-free and fun trips, see you soon and of course the very best regards to Andreas and the teachers on site”… “Hinrich Eberhard, Spanish teacher and chaperone of the group trip, W3 Hamburg Niendorf Berufliche Schule.

… “we are all back safe and sound and the chicos really enjoyed the lessons and the stay with you. Some parents have already told me that their children were very enthusiastic.”…
Marion Ende, Spanish teacher, Accompanying Vocational College Beckum.

…Dear Andreas, thank you for everything!
Once again, it was an all-round successful educational holiday event! The accommodation, the lessons, the leisure activities – everything was perfect!
Some want to continue with Skype at home, and half of the group has already signed up for next year. Once again a big thank you to the whole team in Conil and see you soon!…
Patrick Scanlon, lecturer at the Bremen Adult Education Centre.

… For 20 years, students from the Düsseldorf School of Tourism have been attending a two-week course in Conil.  The number of years alone shows how satisfied everyone is with the Spanish courses. All participants return enthusiastic about this language stay. Not only the courses and the teachers are praised, but also the social programme offered by Academia Atlántika. As a Spanish teacher, I naturally also benefit from the motivational boost that comes from this language study trip.  Regina Münch, teacher at Berufskolleg Bachstraße Düsseldorf

… “as a regional language course provider in Hesse, it is always important for us to personally check the quality of language schools abroad with which we cooperate. At Academia Atlantika in Conil, everything is just right: a very pleasant learning atmosphere, methodically excellently trained teachers who conduct their lessons with a high level of personal commitment, well-equipped classrooms with wifi connection and small learning groups for rapid personal learning success.”…
Hochheim Kerstin Rohlf-Wachs Head of Languages Department.

…  We still remember and vividly 2 great weeks that we  spent in Conil with you. The students were thrilled with the area, your organisation, the great October weather and the warmth of contact between everyone. We would love to come back again with students-it was a great experience. We hope for everyone’s sake that travelling will soon be easier again. School trips with language courses and diverse cultural experiences are so valuable…. Best regards from Birgit and Steffi from Grimma…. Birgit Karsch, Vocational School Centre Grimma 

Dear Andreas, dear people from Academia  Atlántika, …unfortunately it feels like a long time ago that we were in Conil with our upper school students. And yet it is still a topic when we see each other privately or at alumni meetings. These are wonderful memories that we share of a carefree and happy time when learning at your school was really fun. Not only the lessons with great Spanish colleagues, but also the programme at the school, the excursions, simply the whole atmosphere gave the students and us colleagues a wonderful feeling of “being at home”. A big thank you goes to all of you!    Saludos cordiales de Torsten    Thorsten Nilsson,  Gymnasium Allermöhe, 21035 Hamburg

 … After I had already spent a great language holiday in the Academía Atlántika at least ten times as a private person, I have subsequently been here in Conil five more times with groups of students as part of a study trip of our Gymnasium with 20 to 30 students each time. Our stay, including accommodation, exciting excursions and all-round support, was completely organised by the Academía (mainly el famoso Andreas Schellenberg ;). They were always very flexible and spontaneous in responding to special requests.

The language lessons are didactically up to date and the main reason I enjoyed going there so much was because we laughed so much. Conil itself is a dream anyway. Although it is becoming more and more developed by tourism, it has still managed to retain its original character as an old fishing village. Besides, most of the tourists are Spanish themselves, so you hear more Spanish than German or English and don’t have to fear any Ballermann flair. One hundred percent recommendation for all kinds of language holidays!!!… Andreas L. from Krefeld  Lise-Meitner-Gymnasium, Willich

… “It was a very wonderful, special time in Conil, the seminars were so intensive … really really deep and really good. All the seminar participants came to terms with themselves and with Conil so quickly … The seminar participants were also totally enthusiastic about the house”…
Simone Dietz, alternative practitioner Stuttgart