Flat Shared Apartment Plus

Flat to share with other language students. Good location in the school building,
Within walking distance of the old town and the sea. Private bathroom, balcony,
Shared roof terrace with sea view, Wi-Fi, cleaning service.


Double room1 week€ 150
Double room2 weeks€ 220
Double roomExtra week:€ 110
Double roomExtra night:

Single room1 week€ 225
Single room2 weeks€ 370
Single roomExtra week:€ 225
Single roomExtra night:€ 35
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Double room1 week€ 200
Double room2 weeks€ 290
Double roomExtra week:€ 135
Double roomExtra night:€ 28

Single room1 week€ 300
Single room2 weeks€ 490
Single roomExtra week:€ 235
Single roomExtra night:€ 35
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Double room1 week€ 280
Double room2 weeks€ 430
Double roomExtra week€ 200
Double roomExtra night:€ 40

Single room1 week€ 430
Single room2 weeks€ 730
Single roomExtra week:€ 350
Single roomExtra night:€ 60
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