Learn Spanish in Spain Easy Courses for Beginners

The first step, they say, is always the hardest. Not at the Academia Atlantika! On the contrary we do everything to make it easy for you to learn Spanish, even if you have no previous knowledge.

Learn Spanish in Spain with Professional Teachers

Our teachers are fully qualified professionals – they all have academic qualifications as well as training in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. In addition they have plenty of experience in teaching Spanish to young people and adults, especially to beginners. They will make sure that right from your very first lesson you will be hearing lots of Spanish and speaking it yourself. They will make use of a wide range of creative methods, activities and communicative exercises to show you that learning Spanish in Spain can be fun. So that you’ll want to come back and learn more!

Learn Spanish in Spain Immersion in the Language

Learning Spanish in Spain means plunging straight into the language from the word go! From the very first lesson on, teaching in our school takes place entirely in Spanish. New words and expressions are explained with the help of gestures and mime, with pictures and movement. That means learning Spanish without diversions. From the beginning you will be communicating in the language you are learning – sometimes hard work, but a guarantee for making maximum progress. And when it’s time for the break and you go to the café next door, naturally Spanish will be the language spoken. So you will have a chance to put your knowledge into immediate practical use and to try out your first Spanish words and phrases.

Learn Spanish in Andalusia

Learn Spanish in Andalusia

Learn Spanish in Andalusia Language and Culture

Learning a language always means dealing with grammar and new vocabulary. But a language consists in far more than that. Language is always inseparably bound up with the history and culture of a country, with its customs and traditions and with the different structures of thought and feeling which these produce. If you learn Spanish in Spain you will – from the outset – automatically be learning about the country and its people. Whether you go on one of our historical walks around Conil, or take part in an evening of flamenco music in the school or a ruta de tapas – a tour through a few of Conil’s many bars, getting to know about typical Andalusian food and drinks – everywhere you go you will be encountering the Spanish way of life and at the same time hearing real Spanish spoken.

Learn Spanish in Andalusia Excursions into the Past and Present

When you learn Spanish in Spain it won’t just be a question of sitting in a schoolroom. Our school has much more to offer. We regularly put on trips to neighbouring Vejer, one of Andalusia’s famous “White Villages”, as well as to Cadiz or Seville. These towns are not only of outstanding historical importance – Cadiz is the oldest city in Europe and dates back to the time of the Phoenicians, Seville, the capital of Andalusia, is renowned for its Gothic cathedral, one of the world’s biggest churches, built on the foundations of the Moorish mosque, the Mezquita Mayor. But at the same time, both cities are modern metropolises with attractive shops, innumerable bars and restaurants and a bustling night-life. Offering many opportunities to try speaking a few words of your new language!

Learn Spanish in Andalusia with Fun, Games and Sports

Even the most industrious student reaches a point where he or she realizes: my head’s bursting! So then it’s time to get up from the desk, go out of school and get some fresh air and fresh ideas through games, sport and healthy exercise. For this the Academia Átlantika offers a wide range of possibilities. Conil has fifteen kilometres of sandy beaches where you can swim or learn surfing or kite-surfing. Or you can just lie down in the sun or shade and relax. Those who feel a little more energetic can hire a bicycle and either take part in an organised bike tour, or go off exploring the trails along the cliffs or among the nearby hills. There is a riding school and there are also tennis courts. When enough students are interested, the school often organises a game of football or beach-volleyball. And when you’ve had enough exercise, what could be better than taking a seat in one of the little bars on the beach, ordering – with your newly acquired Spanish – an agua mineral or a tinto de verano and one or two delicious tapas. Next day your head will be free for more new words and phrases, and you’ll be ready to continue exploring the fascinating world of Spanish.