Spanish courses price overview

Spanish language coursesLessons/week1 week2 weeks
Intensive Spanish course more…20200 €330 €
Super intensive Spanish course more…30330 €530 €
Private lessons more…10260 €520 €
Intensive Spanish course plus 10h private lessons more…20 plus 10460 €850 €
Spanish course for young people + accommodation more...20-880 €
Course preparation for high school more…20 plus 10-530 €
Learn Spanish onlineHours á 60 min/Week1 Week2 Weeks
Spanish vía Skype more...5153 €270 €
Special CoursesLessons/week1 week2 weeks
Spanish senior courses 60+ more...20-480 €
Courses for families more...20240 €360 €
Language Travel for Groups more...20 or 30on requeston request
Language Diplomas & ProfessionLessons/week1 week2 weeks
Course preparation for D.E.L.E exams more…20 plus 10-595 €
Business spanish more...20 plus 10-595 €
Courses for Spanish teachers more...20-580 €

Spanish Course & SportLessons/week1 week2 weeks
Surfing more...458 €116 €
Kitesurfing more...6/300 €
Tennis more...580 €155 €



1 school lesson is 45 minutes, 1 sports lesson is 60 minutes.

The courses usually start every Monday. All dates can be found in the detailed description under “more”.

Winter break:
11.12.2023 until 16.02.2024. During this time private lessons can be booked at reduced prices.

Should no learning group come about, we offer private lessons. The price would remain the same,
but the lesson time would be reduced to half. We form a group from as few as 2 people, so it is very rare that we have to switch to individual lessons.