Spanish for seniors

Basically, with the Intensive and Super Intensive courses, we address all age groups from 16 years, including seniors. Very many participants in these courses are older than 60 and feel they are in exactly the right place. The Intensive and Super Intensive Course starts every Monday from the end of February until November.

However, there are also older language students from time to time who prefer to learn with their peers at a slower pace and in a very relaxed atmosphere. For this group of people, we offer the senior course Spanish   “Master Class 60+” four times a year.

Spanish for Seniors  “Master Class 60 +”

The main linguistic objective of the Master Class course is to improve the participants’ Spanish communication skills in typical everyday Spanish situations.

The duration of the Spanish for Seniors course is designed for 2 weeks and it is held in 3 levels (A1, A2 and B1). Students learn in very small groups of max. 5, and an average of 3 students.

Classes are held from Monday to Friday and consist of 4 lessons per day. It usually starts at 09:30 and ends at 13:00, with a half-hour break in between.

As in all our language courses, our teachers place great emphasis on speaking a lot in the Spanish for Seniors course. It is taught exclusively in the direct method, i.e. only Spanish is spoken from the very beginning. Our team is very well trained, they regularly take part in further training courses and teach the material with a lot of fun, wit and inventiveness.


Beginners learn the most important vocabulary in order to easily find their way in everyday situations. For example, it is about placing an order in a café or restaurant, doing the shopping, booking a hotel room or car and the like.

Grammar is explained, but is not the main focus.

At the higher level, the focus is also often on everyday situations, because they are good for practising fluency. In addition, we are also concerned that the participant expands his or her knowledge of the Spanish way of life and culture.

Our topics are not fixed, our teachers make suggestions and then usually choose them together with the language students.

Leisure and cultural programme

In addition to the course, the language course for seniors also offers an extensive leisure and cultural programme.

This partly coincides with the activities for the younger students (e.g. we celebrate a fiesta together in our patio or all go on the Ruta Histórica through Conil together). Our many years of experience – we have been teaching Spanish as a foreign language for 30 years – have shown us time and again that the mixture of “young and old”  leads to an interesting exchange and not only the cultural and leisure programme is very lively as a result.

However, there are also some activities that we offer especially for senior citizens, partly because their interests are different or because, for example, a slower pace is desired for sporting activities.

These include excursions, museum visits, a bike tour or a beach walk. Our programme is not rigid, it changes depending on the season, the number of participants and the level of interest.


In addition to the language course, we also arrange suitable accommodation.

It is possible to live very comfortably with other language students in the school building in the Apartment Plus. For those who would like to live completely independently, we look for a separate flat and for those who would like to immerse themselves in Spanish life, we can find a nice host family.



The shortest way to Conil de la Frontera is via Jerez de la Frontera Airport, followed by Seville and Málaga.

Various airlines fly in and out and there is a regular bus or train service from all airports. We are happy to assist in finding a cheap flight and airport transfer connections. If you wish, you can also book the taxi transfer Jerez de la Frontera – Conil at the same time.

If you have any questions about the Spanish for Seniors programme, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are especially looking forward to your call!


Foto von Jeff Sheldon auf Unsplash